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The Open Center Clinic has been located in the Morumbi neighborhood since 2005 and we offer dental care in all specialties where you and your family can do all types of treatment in dentistry with the possibility of also doing the DAY CLINIC treatment, where we can perform almost all procedures in a single day.


Our goal is to preserve oral health, guarantee satisfaction when smiling and provide quality of life to our patient, through specialized, ethical, humane, modern, personalized and excellent professional service.


We provide the best technology and quality materials for you and your entire family.

Our Location

Avenida Guilherme Dumont Vilares,

n° 1230 - 8th floor.

Parking: Rua Edward Joseph


Monday to Friday
07:30 - 18:30

Saturday 07:30 - 12:00

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Phone Number: (11) 3772-5292


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Dra. Leila Telles de Oliveira - CRO 50740